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Customer Thoughts

Thank you for providing a great product and service. Your website is easy to navigate and the order process simple. I love Kiwiwakame! KATHY
JUN 24, 2018

Love this product and so happy to be able to receive it in Australia. ELLEN, AUSTRALIA
JUN 8, 2018

Best Wakame Ever!

I had been doing a lot of research regarding heavy metals etc in wakame from different regions and brands, and the amount of pollutants and metals were linked to where it's harvested. The only place with no pollutants came from New Zealand. After a long search I came across KiwiWakame which harvests their wakame from some of the most unpolluted waters in the world, in New Zealand! After trying the wakame fronds I can't go back to traditional dried wakame. The freeze dried version just tastes so fresh after re-hydrating it, and it gives me peace of mind that I am getting the highest quality with no heavy metals! Thanks to the team for shipping this across the globe! ED
MAY 20, 2018

I am happy to find clean food!!! It is great! EMILY
JAN 18, 2018

Divine Nutrition For Your Cells!

An outstanding company with amazing quality seaweed, prompt service and friendly people to assist. Keep up the good work and thank you for making available such a natural, healthy and nutritious seaweed. MARIA
FEB 5, 2017